I Tried QHHT, and This is How it Went

Let me preface this post with three words to describe me: heavily discerning skeptic. Or perhaps a healthy, discerning skeptic. I’m not quick to trust things just because of how amazing something sounds. I try things; if it works, fantastic. If it doesn’t, I didn’t lose anything but time. Maybe some money.

I’m in the woowoo field because it’s an external way for me to share my internal world. I guess. It’s not that far of a leap from who I was growing up, to who I am now. I was always intrigued by things I couldn’t fully understand, or things I couldn’t fully experience. ‘Daydreaming’ was a healthy part of my reality.

I grew up around people who believed in God, but didn’t believe in the other things they couldn’t see. So with a healthy, discerning eye, I began to explore all things God and beyond. First was through a relationship with nature; then academically in college (which I highly recommend); and then the rest came through real-world experience.

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of weird shit happen to me. I don’t let them define me, or rule me. They’re fun little antidotes for my memoir. (HA.HA.HA. Can’t wait, can you?)

I got hypnotized over ten years ago, because a fellow woowoo person had just studied how to do it. This was my introduction into being hypnotized. I didn’t really have anything I wanted to correct or fix; I just wanted to try it out, and help out a friend who needed to practice. It was fun, and weird, and to this day, I still haven’t listened to the recording of that experience.

But since I had Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) performed on me (just yesterday!), I’ve found the old CD that session was recorded on, and I’m going to try to upload it to listen to it. What I remember from my original hypnosis was feeling this childlike happiness, but also being all alone and in the dark. Not scared, not sad, just alone.

I enjoyed it so much, however, that when I was attending massage school, I was hoping I could follow it with a hypnosis class to learn how to do it myself. (Alas, that did not happen.)

Fast forward ten years or so later, and my sister-in-law tells me about this hypnotherapy she was going to try out. And afterwards, she had had such an amazing experience, she wanted to share it with others by training to do it herself.

How was it different from the traditional (non-clinical) hypnotherapy I’d already had? Well, I still haven’t listened to my old recording, so this is going off of memory here, and my memory isn’t always that stellar. Both therapies relax you, both put you in a state of where your ego-mind takes a step back and allows another part of you to take over. It’s not scary; you’re fully in control, and you’re even more in control if you relax enough to witness what you “see” and “feel”.

From meditation and all of the inner work I’ve done (and the fact that I’m a fairly visual person, I suppose), this was not hard for me to tap into. The hardest part for me was to describe what it was that I was seeing when I was seeing things. Or it was hard to answer a question when there just wasn’t anything there, or there were emotions present, but it was hard to describe. I felt like language was my hurdle, not the process itself.

First, there’s an interview process between practitioner and client. After the interview, I was lead into relaxation (basically through a guided meditation). I was then asked to jump onto a cloud. (I had a little too much fun jumping on this cloud!) The cloud then, purportedly, took me back through time to another life. I saw the cracked dry earth, described my surroundings and shoes (archway on the left, ox in front of me with a cart). I was then moved forward in ‘time’ and asked to experience happy moments. I described what I saw. Then I was asked to visit the end of that particular person’s life.

After that, she brought me back to myself, and then asked questions about my current life. If there were answers, I gave them. From there, she asked permission for my higher self to do a body scan and then heal the problems I had.

Basically, that was it.

The difference between this session and my previous one–at least from what I remember–is that the previous one wasn’t as long as the QHHT one. Before, I didn’t deliberately tap into a “past life” to glean information from. It seems like that was the process for this experience. Previously I don’t remember asking questions about my current situation, and I definitely don’t remember asking for my higher self to heal a physical problem in my body.

So, if you have time (and money, I think it’s costly, and have an interest in past lives–do the QHHT. If you just want to experience hypnosis, find a regular ol’ hypnotist. From my understanding, there are many, many different types to choose from. Whichever one works best for you, I say, throw caution to the wind and just try it.

I don’t claim that what I saw was an actual past life. I don’t know. I have no proof. I don’t know why I saw what I saw. I know I saw the things I saw, and I know I felt real emotions in my real body when I was experiencing things that I saw in my mind’s eye.

I did in fact get some emotional and mental clarification. The biggest take home for me was assimilation. My logical mind doesn’t really care if I’m assimilating past lives, current life, planetary bullshit, holographic energies, whatever. My job is to assimilate all that I am and know, so that I can be of better service. Through providing bodywork, writing, talking, parenting, whatever. For myself, and for others.

I asked Siri to define assimilation for me. She showed me this:

assimilation — noun. 1. the process of taking in and fully understanding information or ideas. 2. the absorption and digestion of food or nutrients by the body or any biological system.

New Oxford American Dictionary

I have digestive issues. Boom.

There were other things, but one of the more notable moments happened to be funny. My “higher self” was having a good time at this point. I’ve had issues with my right foot. It’s off and on. It hurts, and walking/running makes it worse. It came on again late last fall, and it’s still bugging me now.

What did my higher self say about it?

It’s a running joke.

Wow. Double entendre for the astral plane/spirit world. WOW. 🤪🤪🤪

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